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The Norsemen Sagas

A Kinky Twist on History!


Norseman's Revenge - Book 1

Kidnapped on her wedding night might be a blessing from the gods

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Norseman's Deception - Book 2

He saved her from outlaws, who will save her from him?

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Norseman's Salvation - Book 3

Can she survive his cruelty - and save his tortured ssoul?

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Norseman's Gift - Book 4

Is he a threat to the power given to her by the gods – or a threat to her heart?

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Graeme Cover FINAL.jpg

Graeme: A Viking Warrior Romance

A maimed and bitter warrior. A fierce shield-maiden. Who will win the battle for dominance?

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Book 4 in The Viking Surrender Series

A village on the verge of destruction

A desperate bargain made with invading barbarians

Nine steamy tales of battle-hardened warriors meeting their match in strong and defiant women determined to save their families and homes.

The full journey begins here:

Vikings: Dare to Enter Our World


Medieval Warrior's Legends

A Kinky Twist on History!


Warrior's Possession - Book 1

Wed on the king's command, she finds an unexpected passion

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Warrior's Vengeance - Book 2

Taken by her enemy, she soon craves her captor's ruthless passion

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Warrior's Wrath - Book 2

Caught as a thief, her penalty rouses a searing passion

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As "Claimed by the Enchanter"

The Magiste Chronicles

Magically Kinky!


In the Devil's Arms - Book 1

Can they overcome the past to have a future?

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In the Mage's Arms - Book 2

He needs her healing touch, she craves his passionate mastery

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In the Enchanter's Arms - Book 3

It takes a powerful  Dom to make her want to submit

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In the Pureblood's Arms - Book 4

He saved her from certain death, but is he more dangerous – to her heart?

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