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Warrior's Vengeance

Medieval Warrior's Legends, Book 2

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* Taken by her Enemy, She Soon Craves her Captor's Ruthless Passion *


Near the Scottish border during the reign of Edward I, Marissa Langley, daughter of a powerful English earl is captured by a band of marauding Scotsmen. Completely at their mercy, she is desperate to escape. When the leader of the group saves her from certain rape, she believes she will be freed.


But Ian MacCallum is no savior. He takes her for his own, seduces her then makes her his slave. Her collar and chains are part of his vengeance on her father—the man Ian claims is responsible for the death of his beloved wife and son.


But her immediate death is not Ian’s plan. He subjects her to daily suffering and punishments and goes so far as sharing her with another clansman. Yet, her spirit will not be broken. He finds himself drawn to that core of strength within her; finding it most exquisite as it cannot be violated.


When danger from within his clan threatens her, Ian protects her, discovering at the same time that he does not want to lose her, ever.


Marissa makes her own discovery: she comes to crave Ian’s torturous touch. When she learns the source of his hatred, she is certain he is wrong. Her father would not commit atrocities. She waits for the moment when she can escape and prove her father’s innocence. But that would mean leaving Ian when she is no longer sure she wants to be free.


** Featuring A Kinky Twist on History, including bondage, collars, spanking, multiple partners and more!

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Read an Excerpt from Warrior's Vengeance:


Ian stared at the lass lying on his pallet. Drained from her ordeal, she'd fallen asleep. A twinge of pity tore at him, but he hardened his resolve. She might bring unexpected disaster to his original plans, but with this new strategy, he didn't want to waste a moment. He wanted to taste her again, to bare her skin and feel the creamy flesh tremble under his touch. He might receive enjoyment from the game about to commence.


He took a deep breath to clear his thoughts and studied her closely. Her dark hair fanned out behind her, her bound hands clutched tightly against her chest. He frowned. Her skin looked red and raw, and he bent, retrieving his dagger from its sheath and slicing through the leather. He took her wrists in his hands and gently rubbed the sore area. She moaned in her sleep, a sound of discomfort, intensifying the conflicting emotions tearing at him like a brutal coastal storm.


He sat beside her, wondering again at her name. He would have it from her ere the night was through. He eased himself to the pallet and drew her against him. The sense she fit perfectly around him startled him. He glanced down and found her staring up at him, her tawny eyes clouded with sleep and confusion. He grasped her chin and forced it back, covering her mouth with his.


Her entire body shivered against him and his cock hardened as it hadn't in over two years. He drove into her brutally with his tongue, finding each dark secret buried inside her heat, and savoring the surprised and panicked gasps he drew. He ravished her mouth for several more moments until her frantic attempts to evade him sank through his lust dazed mind.


He drew away and she jerked back. He tightened his grip on her waist, catching one of her hands at the moment it came up to strike at him. He chuckled, loving the defiant fire lighting her face.


"Careful, lass, or I'll bind you again, tighter than before. Then you'll be powerless to stop me from doing as I wish."


She stilled, fear creeping into her gaze. A split second later, she turned into a hellcat, kicking and screaming. She jerked her hand from his and pelted him about the shoulders before he caught her flailing arms and jerked them behind her. Gripping her hands in one of his, he rolled her onto her stomach and reached for another leather thong from the supply in his pack, the ones he'd been preparing since he had regained consciousness. He'd imagined binding the Panther's family before killing them, tying the servants and other members of Montchester with the carefully crafted ties.


Before he had recovered enough to resume his battle training, he had prepared these bindings, the task keeping his focus on his plans. Hours and days and weeks, he had trimmed the leather, adding each newly cut strip to the store. He had eagerly anticipated using them on the family of the Panther, as the man's soldiers had done to Sheila, leaving her unable to fight their attack. The task had given him purpose when he could do little else. Now, he carried them in his pack as a reminder of what Sheila had suffered and how he would ultimately avenge her. Forcing the recollections from his thoughts, he quickly secured the strap around his captive's wrists, knotting it tightly, and flipped her onto her back.


"Filthy bastard! I should have known you'd rape me. Fine, then, do your worst. I assure you, when I am free of you, I will see you dead."


The venom in her voice sparked his frenzy further. "I'd like to see you try, lass."


He studied her. Despite her rage and the way she defied him, he saw fear in her golden eyes. He hated what he was about to do. She would hate him more. He held her gaze, and knew he could never take her in brutality and anger, not after he'd watched the agony his wife had endured. Yet, he would not spare the lass.


His perfect revenge had been handed to him, but he knew he could never attack this trembling girl with hate. The conclusion solidified his earlier idea. Seduction must be his path to take, and his ultimate victory would be that much sweeter.

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