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Warrior's Possession

Medieval Warrior's Legends, Book 1

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* Wed on the King's Command, She Finds an Unexpected Passion! *


Upon her father's death, Lady Gillian Marlowe is ordered by King Edward I to wed Royce Langley, the Earl of Montchester. Worried she is being offered up as little more than a sacrifice in a political game, Gillian is surprised to find herself intrigued by her arrogant and infuriating husband.


Tasked with ridding the border along Wales of rebels who seek to unseat the king, Royce finds subterfuge and secrets everywhere, even with his beautiful wife. Though he only agreed to the marriage because of the king's order, he finds himself both fascinated and incensed by Gillian at every turn. She tries his patience, defies his orders and places herself in danger. To keep her in line, he spanks her, binds her to his bed and dominates and torments her, not only to ensure her submission, but also to coerce her into revealing her secrets. But even that is not enough to subdue her stubborn determination to stand beside him and defend her home and people.


Discovering his wife enjoys the same dark pleasures Royce does stirs more confusion. He has sworn never to fall for a woman's wiles, but his wife captivates him in ways he never expected and she stirs a desire deeper than any he has ever known. Trusting her is another matter, as he fears Gillian may bring about his downfall with her continued secrets, which he views as an attempt to undermine his authority.


The rebel attacks increase and danger lurks everywhere. Gillian falls under suspicion as the traitor, despite her vows of loyalty. Royce must overcome his mistrust and find a way to maintain his possession of Gillian as they battle the enemies both within and without, if there is any hope for them to save each other.


** Featuring A Kinky Twist on History! Includes male domination, bondage, spanking, and so much more!

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Read an Excerpt from Warrior's Possession:

"Tell me, Lady Gillian, how would you defend yourself against a horde of Welsh rebels on horses? Your pretty jeweled eating dagger may impress your servants and villagers, but 'twill provoke nothing but laughter from a savage band of murderers."

"I can take a man from his horse at fifty paces with a longbow."

The earl nodded. "Very well, suppose you could take out one, perhaps two men before the others, maybe twice as many as your guards, reached you. Your longbow will do no good at close range. Then what, Lady Gillian? Who will save you then?"

The words to respond eluded her. She looked away, silently cursing his triumph.

"You know nothing of warfare and rebel attacks. I can't help wondering again at your confidence in your safety. Perhaps you're involved more than you say. Perhaps you aided the Welsh during this last war."

Gillian met his steady gaze. A shuttered coolness now replaced the earlier heat.

"I would never..."


"Wouldn't you? Your stepmother has a lover, possibly Welsh. Perhaps you do as well. Perhaps 'tis your 'guard'. Perhaps you intended to meet him tonight and that's why you are so anxious to be rid of me."


The sound of her palm cracking against his cheek echoed through the mews. His head turned slightly under the force of the blow. Tension crackled between them, like lightning during a spring storm. Once again, the birds stirred restlessly in response to the turmoil. A wave of fear dimmed her rage as she realized she had struck her future husband. The king's favorite. She held her breath, waiting for the punishment sure to follow.


"Men have died for less than what you dare."


 His voice, low and menacing, terrified her more than if he had shouted. His eyes glittered and his fury smelled of brimstone. She trembled, fright making her knees weak, and she might have fallen had he not grabbed her arm. His grip tightened as he jerked her roughly against him. Only the restless movements of the hawks broke the silence.


Gillian tried to pull free, without success. A brief recollection of his coarse treatment of Anne skittered through her jumbled thoughts, and she tugged again. This time, he pulled her still closer, his other hand cupping the back of her head as his mouth suddenly claimed hers with a punishing kiss.


Fear consuming her, once more she tried to pull away, but his fingers bit into her arm and tightened in her hair. His mouth continued its assault, bruising her lips. She stood in his harsh embrace, her hands coming to rest on his chest, waiting for an opportunity to shove at him. Panic taunted her, but she kept it at bay, determined not to show her terror. At that moment, a strange thing happened.


Her body warmed and a strange feathery delight blossomed in her belly. She found herself responding to the demands of his mouth. The kiss softened, just a little, and a hint of pleasure burst into a decadence she'd never imagined. A strange calm came over her as his lips now moved gently over hers. When he drew away, she found herself disappointed.


He raised his head. No longer did she find fury in his gaze. Instead, flames flickered amid something she did not recognize, something alluring. The remnants of fear rapidly faded, replaced by curiosity. She leaned closer, trying to understand the emotion she read. Her breasts tightened, her gown suddenly confining. She'd never had such a physical reaction to a mere stare. Then again, she'd never been kissed like that before. The few pecks one of her father's men had given her had not stirred anything even remotely similar to the powerful sensations taking over her body now.


To her surprise, the expression on his face softened more. He looked as though he might smile. His grip on her arm loosened, but he didn't release her, instead holding her close with a firm yet gentle grip. His fingers moved along the sensitive underside of her arm and she sucked in a breath at the slither of warmth along her spine.


Enthralled by the heated glow in his golden eyes, Gillian didn't resist. Forgotten was her anger over his arrogant words, her fear he'd demand retribution for her actions. Her sole focus remained on the hold of his gaze and the way the closeness made him seem larger, more powerful. New emotions swelled, confusing her, yet exciting her at the same time. Her heart pounded, and beneath her palms, his heart thumped just as vigorously.


He yanked her more fully against him. His fingers on her chin tilted her head back so she looked into his face. Darkened to a deep amber, his intense gaze warmed. Slowly, he lowered his head and Gillian realized he meant to kiss her again. This time she recognized she wanted him to.


His lips brushed softly, once, twice and then again. She remained motionless when he embraced her. The kiss grew more potent, the pressure of his lips increasing. Unlike the last kiss, this one stirred heat slowly, yet steadily until she thought she might combust. Her body slackened and she melted, returning his kiss.


Excitement surged. Her head swirled with dizzying emotions. The tender way he held her, this warrior knight, exhilarated her. She never wanted the kiss to end.


The tip of his tongue brushed against her lips and her eyes flew open in surprise. His golden eyes, so like her hawk's, met hers. Then his tongue brushed against her lips again, parting them and plunging inside to sweep her mouth. Her knees would have buckled had he not held her. She sighed at the blissful stirrings. A sea of clouds surrounded her, blinding her to everything but his captivating kiss.


Her sex tightened when he deepened the kiss further, his hand brushing across her breast. He cupped her flesh and gave a gentle squeeze. A violent quiver swept over her. She wanted more of this tempting, wicked delight.

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