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A Viking Warrior Romance

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A maimed and bitter warrior. A fierce shield-maiden.

Who will win the battle for dominance?


Find out in 'Graeme,' one of nine powerfully seductive romances in the internationally best-selling 'Viking Surrender' series.


Maimed and bitter, Graeme is forced to take a wife from the barbarians invading his shores. Resentful of her invading his solitary life, he vows to bend her to his will.


Rinda grudgingly weds a man she barely knows—who hates her nearly as much as she despises him. Yet, despite their shared animosity, the wounded warrior and shield-maiden share an unexpected passion that soon consumes them both.


​Read an Excerpt from Graeme: A Viking Warrior Romance


"Are you happy now?" Rinda asked.


He shrugged, his dark gaze steady and piercing. "If I am honest, then no. I did not wish this, but it is in both our interests to make the best of it."


Despite his continued seated position, due to his injured leg, no doubt, his gaze roamed insolently over her, giving her the uneasy feeling he held the upper hand. She did not like it, not at all. She was a warrior, all knew that, and yet, this man somehow roused feelings of fragility and powerlessness. Her plan to find the advantage over him crumbled in the face of his unexpected dominance.


"However, you are attractive. I suspect once you are shed of your armour, you will be more so. And I confess, I’ve been long without a woman. You’ll do."


Another gasp of fury escaped, despite her attempt to contain it and maintain an emotionless appearance. How dare he insult her yet again! More troubling than his disdain was the hint of hurt engulfing her. Why should she care what he thought of her?


"You are a poor excuse for a man." The words came out before she even realised they’d formed, but the darkening of his eyes indicated she’d struck a nerve. She held back a pleased smile, forcing a fierce scowl on her face.


He rose from his seat, and the several inches he had on her seemed more noticeable.


"I may be maimed, but before that, I was more of a warrior than you could ever dream of being. If you think because I am wounded I am weak and helpless, you are wrong, and I will prove it to you this very night."


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