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In the Enchanter's Arms

The Magiste Chronicles, Book 3

In the Enchanter's Arms

2014 NJRW Golden Leaf Finalist

(As "Claimed by the Enchanter")

* It Takes a Powerful Dom to Make her Want to Submit *


Being in control of her life is Enchantress Regine Marchand's mantra, and the role of Domme is the perfect way to do so. An accomplished equestrian, championship is in sight - no one will get in her way, not even an overbearing Dom who vows to take control.


Fascinated by Regine's cool façade, Cameron McIntyre senses the depth of passion lurking under the surface. Despite her protests, he recognizes her desire to submit, and vows to be the one who dominates her. But when he is forced to suspend her from competition due to illegal performance enhancement spells, he fears he will drive her away, instead of into his arms. Believing in her innocence, he promises to help learn who set her up while convincing her that submission to him is what she truly wants. Submitting to the tall Irishman brings a new level of pleasure Regine has never known, and makes her question everything she knew about herself.


When an unknown enemy from her past targets her for revenge, she and Cameron must discover who wants to knock her out of competition for good, possibly killing her in the process. 


** Contains lots of explicit Magically Kinky! love scenes of the paranormal kind, including magical sex toys, potions, bondage and spanking and more!

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Read an excerpt from In the Enchanter's Arms


"It's late, Reg. You can't be alone this time of night."

She waved a dismissive hand before her. "Nonsense. I'll have the bouncer call a cab, and I'll be fine. You go and have some fun."

David appeared ready to argue further, but wisely refrained, turning away instead. She heaved a deep breath. She had to get out of here. Now.  The solitude of her hotel room awaited and she longed to be there. She could teleport or find a Portal, but due to her unfamiliarity with the local Magiste, she decided traveling under Mortal means was safer. A cab ride wouldn't take longer than a few minutes anyway.


She toyed with her pendant and the turquoise stone needed to channel her magic warmed under her touch. The power taunted her, dared her to use it in front of all of these people. She dropped her hand and turned to the door.

"Your sub is absolutely right. Domme or not, it's not safe for a woman alone at night in the city."

She turned to see the still-masked dom standing a few feet away, his arms folded. Her gaze landed on the ring of his right hand, and more specifically, the dark green stone in the middle. That was an amulet stone. He was Magiste? She tried to recall if she'd noticed his hands earlier. No, or she would have seen that ring. Worse, how had she not picked up on his magical aura? She might not be a Mage like her brother, who easily sensed such things, but then again, very few Magiste were born Mages, the mightiest of all Enchanters.  Despite Reggie's ordinary level of magic, Aidan had taught her a few tricks to discern someone's strength of power. Self-defense, he'd explained. So no ill-meaning Magiste men could catch her unaware. Yet this man, clearly a member of magical society, had managed to cloak his energy. And quite potent power it was, too. Now that he'd revealed his magic, she sensed the depth of his strength. The idea he might be a Mage, like Aidan, flitted through her thoughts.

"It's really not your concern."

"You are unfamiliar with the society here. Or you wouldn’t be so cavalier about it. Mortal men are bad enough, but the Magiste in this city are ruthless. You wouldn't want to come up against them."


"I can handle myself." Her voice didn't waver. Good thing, since her throat was drier than the creek bed behind her cottage after a year-long drought.  His presence alone seemed to cause the discomfort and she worried she might not be able to form any logical words. This man left her unnerved and off-balance. She didn't like it one bit. No one had ever ruffled her composure with just a few simple words and a stare. A stare that, even hidden behind a mask, pierced her in ways she couldn't fathom. She had to get away from him, not liking this uneven feeling at all.


"I wouldn't be able to live with myself, if I let you walk out of here alone. At least let me make sure you get safely into a cab."


Sensing he wouldn't give up unless she agreed, she gave him a curt nod. She'd be free of him soon enough.


She left the main room and stepped out into the foyer, the mysterious dom close on her heels. After instructing the bouncer to call her taxi, she departed the party, the sounds fading when the door shut behind the dom. She strode across the marble floor to the open elevator and pressed the button for the main lobby. The dom stayed right with her, saying nothing. Just staring. She reached for her mask and pulled it away, hoping he would do the same.


When he did, she wished he hadn't. Those piercing dark eyes were more devastating to her senses without the mask obscuring them. She fought the sudden lump in her throat, her gaze taking in his firm square jaw, and a thick head of dark hair that she imagined to be at least shoulder-length. He had it pulled back, except for one unruly lock that fell across his forehead. Her fingertips itched with the sudden need to touch it, to know if the hair felt as soft as it looked.


Despite her position in the furthest corner from him, the way-too-small elevator gave her no space, and his presence seemed to surround her. She watched him warily. What game did he play now?


"You have the most incredible eyes." His voice remained just above a whisper, deep and with a hint of danger that sent a shiver along her spine. "They're almost silver, like shards of deadly ice."


"Remember that." She lifted her chin.


"The ice? A sexy biscuit like you? I doubt that."


"No. Deadly." Why did she take such delight in knowing he found her attractive? She pulled her gaze from his. Big mistake, as it landed on his lips. Full lips, above which, to the right, lay a tiny scar. She wanted to lick it.


He chuckled, the sound oddly loud in the quiet of the elevator. "I have no doubt you would be deadly, in the right circumstances. Bet I could disarm you. Leave you helpless as a kitten."


"You might try."


"Retract your claws, kitten. No need to draw blood."


"According to you."

He smiled, an almost feral grin, and her heart beat in a strange uneven rhythm.


"That doesn't mean I won't enjoy feeling those claws on my back, when I'm fucking you so hard, you see stars."


She gulped, once again at a total loss for words. She lifted her chin, her gaze still held by his. He stepped closer. She backed up. He repeated his step and so did she, but found any further retreat halted by the wall. The movement of his arm drew her attention and she realized breathing came a little easier when free of his piercing gaze. Until she realized what he'd done.


The elevator ground to a halt after he pushed the button, but the expected alarms didn't sound.


"What are you doing?"


"Testing a theory." He inched still closer and she held up a hand. Unfortunately, because of his proximity, her hand came up against his chest. A solid, muscular chest, with a heart beating under her fingertips. She drew away as if scorched.


"Enough nonsense." She winced at the tremor in her voice.


"This is anything but nonsense." He angled his head, moving in for a kiss. She started to turn away.


"Don't move," he ordered.


She froze, once more caught by his gaze, the knowing glint in his eyes pinning her.


"You take orders well."


Before she could protest, he covered her mouth with his. His lips burned. She lifted her hands to his shoulders, but instead of pushing him away, she tightened her fingers, as if trying to hold on.


He moved slowly, tasting and nibbling, but made no move to otherwise deepen the kiss. Giddy sensations started deep in her belly, uncurling through her body, settling with a pulsing ferocity in her clit. When he drew away, she blindly followed, not willing to give up the delight building within.


His chuckle rang in her ears, and her eyes fluttered open. His smug smile quickly cooled the heat blistering through her veins. She lifted her hand, intending to slap him, but he caught her wrist, then did the same with the other when she again moved to strike. All too soon, her arms were pinned behind her back when he pressed his full length against her. Her heart threatened to explode out of her chest.


"Hitting a dom will get you punished."


"I'm no sub," she hissed. "Let go of me."


He gave a nearly imperceptible shake of his head and she tugged against his grip. Her attempt seemed weak against the iron hold he had on her.


"I will have such fun taming you."


"You can try, but you'll never succeed."


One dark eyebrow arched, and she attempted once more to free herself. She couldn't and remained helpless in his grasp. Liquid pooled between her legs, and her clit ached, needing to be touched.


"It's obvious you like it when I subdue you. I have so many ways I'd like to do that."

Her breath hitched, and his lips curled in a knowing smile.


"So the kitten does like to be caught. I thought so."


"No, I'm a domme. I get off on being in charge. I do not want to be controlled."


"Surely you know the sub is the one with all the true power."


He ran a finger along her jaw and she fought to keep the shiver suppressed. She failed.


"You have an exquisite fire, one that should be stoked and not extinguished."


She closed her eyes, wishing she could leave. Damn her body for reacting this way. She got off on dominating, not submitting. Then why was she wetter than she'd ever been before? Her breasts hurt with the need to be touched, suckled. She groaned, wishing she'd never decided to come to this party tonight.


"Look at me."


His words held a stern order and, despite her intentions, she obeyed. She caught his stare a split second before his mouth crashed down on hers. This time he was forceful, demanding entry with his tongue. She had no will to resist and allowed him in, her knees buckling at the rush of desire overtaking her. He continued to hold her captive against him while he tasted her, finding every spot that left her a panting puddle, ready to melt at his feet.


Abruptly, she found herself released, and the car once again began to move. She didn't dare look at him when she tried to right her coat over herself, patting her hair, and trying with little success to steady her racing heart.

"I can't wait for the chance to really teach you how to submit:  To me."

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