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The Taste of Her Magic

 Worried her life might be at stake, the deal she makes could cost her…her heart

Adrian du Lac is not your average vampire. Nearly 2,000 years old, he's mastered the art of using his immortality to his advantage. Currently living the life of a European businessman, what Adrian really wants is to rule the world. After watching humans screw everything up for so long, he knew it would be easy to exploit their weaknesses. Already, he has set in place a wide-scale plan to take control of all media across all of Europe and Asia. He finally sees his dream materializing when he prepares to collect on a fifteen-year-old debt stemming from a deal he made with a local Enchanter.

Originally, Adrian sought Katerina Romanov's latent powers. The deal he'd made with her father was simply a means to an end. But now that his protégé has grown into a full-fledged woman, with intelligence and skills he'd not found in a woman before, Adrian's desires take a turn in a completely different direction.

Wanting nothing more than to extricate her family from Adrian's debt, Katerina finds herself drawn to the charismatic vampire, despite knowing the dangers he poses – not only to her safety, but to her heart. Though she plans to play along with him until she can reach her desired conclusion, more unearthed secrets come to light, leaving Katerina confused and angry. With a persuasive man like du Lac, however, she soon succumbs to his charms.

Yet, there are those who fear Adrian will become invincible with the young witch's powers at his disposal. When his enemies set out to destroy him once and for all, he and Katerina run the risk of losing each other forever.

Read an excerpt of The Taste of Her Magic

"I am not the monster you think I am." His stare pierced hers. "There is only one thing you have to fear from me, my dear Kat. This."


He leaned still closer, holding her gaze. His lips, oddly cool, yet amazingly sensual, brushed lightly against hers before he drew away. A breath later, Adrian grabbed her, crushing her against him, his mouth claiming hers in a fierce kiss, plundering, searching. Claiming. Alarmed at the abrupt change, she pushed against his shoulders, but the soft slide of his tongue along her lower lip left an odd, yet aching desire, in its wake. Now her fingers curled into his shoulders, clinging to him almost helplessly amidst the tumult assailing her senses, the heat he drew from deep within her.


Adrian's hands roamed her back, his mouth still fused to hers. Her knees weakened, her arms tightening around his neck, her fingers tangling in his hair. Suddenly, she couldn't get enough of him, his heady taste and intoxicating scent, a hint of musk and a wild, untamed passion. She pressed herself tightly against him. This was madness, but the sensations flowing through her were simply too wonderful to resist. Maybe insanity wasn't such a terrible thing after all.


Abruptly, he released her and turned away.


"It would seem my control is not as strong as I would prefer." His voice, hoarse and ragged, echoed in the large room, his shoulders and neck stiffening ever so slightly.


Taking several deep breaths in an attempt to steady the whirlwind swirling about her, she stared at his back in confusion. Her already trembling legs threatened to give way. She fell into the closest chair. She picked up her wine glass and drained it, another attempt to steady her jangled nerves.


When he turned to face her once again, he was composed and calm, his gaze assessing her coolly.


"You are sweeter than I imagined," he said, his voice now steady and clear.

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