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Norseman's Gift

The Norsemen Sagas, Book 4

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* Is he a threat to the power given to her by the gods–or a threat to her heart? *


Having spent almost all her life under the careful tutelage of the Seeress who has raised and trained her, Katrín anticipates her day of freedom, when she becomes a full Seeress in her own right. Not only does she possess skills as Völva, a wand woman, but also as Spákona, a prophet woman who receives visions and messages from the gods. Katrín looks forward to building her own retinue, with the hopes of bringing prosperity to many. Yet, as that day grows closer, doubts about her mistress arise and spur questions that demand answers.


Compounding her worries are the dreams where she is haunted by a virile warrior, one who inspires longing and desire. Katrín doesn't understand the meaning of these dreams, since the conditions for her to retain her powers require her to remain pure and innocent of men. When she comes face to face with her dream warrior, she is overcome by powerful, lust-inspiring visions.


Since being publicly betrayed, Hradi has despaired of ever finding a woman to trust. He is suspicious of the arrival of the Völur, the group of witches claiming to bring blessings from the gods. Because the young maiden faints at the sight of him, he is certain she fears him, even as he is drawn to her innocence.


Concerned Katrín's mistress intends harm, Hradi makes a deal that allows him time alone with the young witch, far from the watchful eye of her guardian, in the hopes of learning the truth of their intentions. Instead, he soon realizes the innocent Seeress understands him more than anyone else ever has and forces him to face the doubts that have plagued him for years.


Secrets threaten to destroy their fragile trust, and the hope they share for a possible future together. Will they discover the truth, before it's too late?


Featuring A Kinky Twist on History! love scenes, including bondage and spanking!

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Read an Excerpt from Norseman's Gift

Katrin had returned. At her side stood the witch, who looked angry. At who? The young woman beside her or someone, something, else? The urge to shove the woman aside and lead Katrin to his bed nearly overcame Hradi. Instead, he forced himself to calmly stand, his hand on the hilt of his sword. His gaze ran over her, pleased she had removed her cloak. He could more easily admire the curves the deep red smokkr barely concealed. When his gaze returned to her face, he noted the uneasiness in her wide blue eyes. He walked over to her, taking note of the satchel she carried. She clutched the ties tightly, winding them around her clenched fingers, the long slender sack wrapped within her arms.

"Come, I will see you are made comfortable." He motioned with his head for her to follow.

Wait!" Gunilla stepped between him and Katrin. "At dawn, we will make a sacrifice to the gods to ask for their blessings for your village and thank them for the successful harvest Jarl Thorfinn has told me about. She will be needed to assist."

"I will see she is brought to you before Sól begins her journey across the sky."

The witch's eyes narrowed. "You will not touch her."

Hradi managed to subdue his annoyance. "I have already given my word that she may have my bed tonight. And that I will not be in it. Is that not enough for you?"

The older woman's lips pressed into a tight line but she said nothing more. With a nod of acquiescence, she stepped back, allowing Katrin to join Hradi.

He couldn't take his gaze from her. Her fiery hair was styled in a mix of braids and long loose curls, and he found himself wanting to gather it in his fist and drag her mouth to his. Instead, he gritted his teeth and turned to the back of the hall. He ignored the ribald shouts and bawdy language, but dared a glance at Katrin. Though not as tiny as he'd first thought when he'd carried her limp body from the docks, she still stood at least a full head shorter than him. A head that bowed over the satchel she still clutched closely to her chest. Suddenly the whistles and shouts annoyed him and he swept an angry glare about the room. Raucous laughter followed them to the doorway that led to the private chambers where the jarl and his family slept.

The large room lined with bunks seemed to close in on Hradi. He had her alone now. Could take her if he so chose. But he had given his word, much as it pained him to resist the urge to haul her against him and claim her mouth. Instead, he touched her arm and pointed toward the far end of the room, reminding her where his bed-closet lay.

He shoved back the curtains, revealing the large straw and down-filled mattress covered with furs. "I hope you find this comfortable. I will be back before dawn to take you to your mistress."

She finally lifted her head, meeting his gaze. Her wide blue eyes were filled with a wary curiosity but he also detected a hint of interest. The sight sent a jolt to his cock. Despite his intentions, he found himself reaching for her, grabbing her arm and pulling her close. She opened her mouth to protest, but he swooped in and covered her lips with his, swallowing her gasp.

She tasted of ambrosia, his earlier fanciful imaginings coming true. He slid his tongue into the warm velvet of her mouth, the tiny mewling sound escaping her making him still harder. He should stop, now, before he went further than he planned, but he didn't want to release her, savoring her sweet scent and the soft trembling of her body.

Finally, with a groan, he gathered his wits and pulled away, studying her. Her lips, now swollen from his fierce kiss, were parted and the struggle to resist kissing her once more seemed the fiercest he'd ever faced. She sucked in little gasps of breath, her eyes dewy with a surprised passion. He silently called to the gods to give him the strength to walk away. Releasing his grip on her arm, he stepped back.

"I will see you in the morning,"

The way her eyes flared told him she had noticed the thickness in his voice. Somehow, he found the ability to turn and head back to the hall.

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