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Warrior's Wrath

Medieval Warrior's Legends, Book 3

Now Available on Kindle Unlimited!

* Caught as a Thief, Her Penalty Rouses A Searing Passion *


In 14th century England, a long-kept secret devastates Rowan Langley. Anger sends him on a quest for truth. He trusts no one, keeping others away, except fellow knight Gerard.


Aeron Dawkyns, fleeing Wales and a charge of murder, lives on the street, pickpocketing. She steals Rowan's coin. Later, Rowan catches her attempting to steal his horse. She has a choice – serve them both with her body, or be handed over to be hanged. She chooses Rowan and Gerard.


Serving an angry Rowan has dark pleasures Aeron learns to crave. She feels safe, despite the knights' wicked games. When Rowan drags her back to Wales, she fears that safety will be destroyed.


Rowan learns Aeron's plight and vows to hunt down her enemies, promising to protect and keep her. Yet he worries he's no better than her enemy. Still, he craves his slave's touch, as much as he craves her heart.


Staying with Rowan becomes Aeron's heart's desire – but could mean her death.


** Featuring A Kinky Twist on History! including male domination, bondage, spanking, multiple partners and more!

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Read an Excerpt from Warrior's Wrath:


Aeron had braced herself for a harsh blow, but at the feel of Rowan's gently caressing hand, she calmed. The sensation was not all bad. She actually rather liked the soft touch, but knew 'twould not last.


Sure enough, the sharp bite of his hand slamming into her flesh sent a shard of pain through her bottom and up along her spine. She bit her lip to keep from crying out and squeezed her eyes shut, lest Gerard see her tears of weakness. These two barbarians didn't deserve to see her fear of them.


Another blow and her entire body tensed. A harsh grunt escaped and she hung her head, shamed by the show of weakness. Another strike, this time she cried out fully, her flesh on fire and already tender. Another strike, and another, and another, until soon she was wailing and sobbing and pleading for him to stop.


He didn't.


Yet, she found herself slowly pushing up with her hips, meeting his hand each time he brought it down, again and again. Deep inside her, an unfamiliar warmth grew, and spread throughout. Her sex clenched with every blow now, along with a vague awareness of the oddly hungry feelings that coursed through her. She recognized a wanton need, one that started with each strike of Rowan's hand and settled in her core with a fierce throbbing.


When he finally stopped, her arse burned yet, so did the rest of her body. Her breasts hung heavy, her nipples tight and hard. She opened her eyes to find Gerard watching her intently. Before she had a chance to say anything, she found herself upright and seated in Rowan's lap.


Fire bloomed in her flesh and she tried to rise, but he refused to release her. He gripped her chin and turned her to face him.


"Attempt to kill me again and you will suffer far worse."


He shoved her to the dirt before him and her bound hands managed to break the fall before she hurt herself. He stood and walked toward her shelter, leaving her and Gerard alone by the fire.


The knight shook his head. "Girl, you shouldn't push him that way. He carries a lot of anger and you're an easy target."


"He beat me." She lifted her chin.


"You tried to kill him."


"I had no choice, don't you see? I cannot be a slave to him, or you. I have to..." She fell silent, not willing to share anything of herself with him.


"You have to what?"


She shook her head and rose on shaky legs. Her arse burned and she rubbed it in an attempt to soothe the pain. It didn't help.


"Gerard, bring her."


Rowan's voice came from the area of her shelter. Aeron raised her gaze to the knight who now towered over her. He shrugged and grabbed hold of the rope trailing from her bound hands.


She didn't possess enough strength to fight against his pull and she suddenly stood before her crude home, Rowan blocking the entrance.


"Tend the fire, then join me. I'll need your help preparing her."


Preparing her? What did the bastard mean to do to her? She stood straight, refusing to show any sign of fear. But when he reached for her, she couldn't help flinching. His fingers closed around her arm and he pulled her into the hut. He yanked her cloak from her shoulders, leaving her clad in just the thin kirtle. She only had two and prayed he would not ruin this one.


"Remove the dress." He folded his arms.


The one opening she had fashioned for a window let ample moonlight in, illuminating the hut. She had a clear view of his stern features. She actually possessed the odd thought he was pleasing to the eye, when he wasn't scowling. His dark eyes missed nothing, and she had seen appreciation in them earlier when he looked at her. He found her pleasing and mayhap there was a way to win his favor.


What was she thinking? She had no desire to win this man's favor, handsome or not. He was a barbaric knight who liked to beat women. Her only focus should be on escaping him.




His sharp order broke the silence and she jumped. Oh yes, she needed to remove her clothes. She'd fought so hard to avoid rape and ruination. Her efforts had been for naught. If she didn't give him willingly what he wanted, he would take it by force. She had no desire to be raped. Mayhap if she pretended to like it, he would be gentle with her.


As soon as she thought it, she tossed the notion aside. He would never see her as more than a murdering thief, so he would never take care with her.


"If you continue to disobey my orders, I will punish you again."


"I'm sorry. I... " She fell silent and realized with dismay she couldn't reach the laces of her kirtle in the back. "I cannot untie the dress like this."


He rolled his eyes and moved his hand in a motion to indicate she should turn. She did, too afraid to refuse and incur his wrath further. The feel of his hands gently undoing the laces sent a strange shivery feeling along her spine, and she found herself unable to suppress it completely. He must have noticed, for he gave a hint of a chuckle. The heat in her body suddenly intensified.


The kirtle now loosened, she kept her back to him and slid it off her shoulders. The dress caught on her bound wrists. She heard rather than felt him near her and untie the knots in the rope. The fabric fell to the ground, leaving her bare in its wake.


"Turn around. I want to see you."


She hesitated another moment then turned. Rowan quickly wrapped the rope around her wrists once more then stepped back, folding his arms while he studied her. Aeron pressed her bound arms over her breasts. Rowan shook his head and reached for the rope, pulling her minimal protection away. She shivered in the cold, but that quickly vanished when she noted the heat and hunger in his eyes. Moonlight illuminated his face and part of her wished the shadows hid his expression.


He wanted her.

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